Frequently Asked Questions

At VDM Computer Solutions, Inc., our professionals specialize in computer support. To ensure you understand everything necessary about our products and services, we invite you to read our frequently asked questions below.

Do you offer free estimates?
Yes! If you need to know whether or not your computer can be fixed, or to get an idea of how much it might cost, please contact us.
Do you make house calls?
Yes! There is no travel fee around Long Island, unless excessive travel is required.
Do you sell computers?
Pre-built, ready-to-ship desktops and laptops are available. Custom desktops can be built to suit your needs. High-end gaming, home and office productivity, or web-surfing computers can also be accommodated. Used computers are also available.
If my computer is infected with a virus, can just buy a new one?
A new computer won’t stay clean for long if the habits that caused the infection continue. These include opening untrusted email attachments and browsing unsafe websites.
Do you fix laptops?
Yes! Common components such as memory, hard drives, CD drives, and wireless network cards can be replaced or upgraded. However, most major manufacturers have proprietary mainboards that are expensive to replace, with the cost of labor exceeding the original purchase price of the laptop.
What causes hard drive failure?
The most common indirect cause is electrical. The computer’s power supply may fail, damaging the connected internal components and circuitry, including the hard drive. Another cause is normal wear and tear. Data recovery services may be required.
Can all data be recovered?
This depends on the severity of the hard drive errors. If the computer or hard drive is brought in for service quickly, most data can be recovered. If the drive is physically failing, software recovery is not possible. A third party data recovery center will be needed.
Does my network need to be secure?
Yes. It is safer and gives you peace of mind. Having a properly configured, secure network stops unauthorized computers from using up all of your bandwidth, accessing shared documents, and inadvertently transferring malware to your computer.
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